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- Relaunching in August 2024 - 

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We are three sisters, Americans who live abroad, seeking new homes for treasures inherited from three generations of our late mother Nancy Chandler's family.

Our first sale ran for only one week in 2022, focused on textiles and a small selection of antiques. Due to other family obligations, we will not be relaunching the website with more items until August 2024. 

This is an amateur website designed only to enable family and friends (and friends of friends, plus a few select others) to pick out some treasures for themselves. We are not selling on other platforms due to our limited time in the USA each year.

Online payment is not enabled. If something catches your eye, please feel free to add it to your shopping cart. When ready to check out, take a screen shot or make a list of what is in your shopping cart and forward it to us by chat box (below right) or email 

If you click on check out by mistake, you can close the check out box and return to your shopping cart.

We ask you to contact us with your selections as we need to confirm each unique item is still available and what the cost of delivery will be, which is tentatively limited to the USA.

Prices do not include delivery,

which will be calculated when we pack your order to ensure the cheapest cost possible. Please let us know if you would like to make alternative arrangements.

Catalog download button available below for those who want to save time browsing. Category headers within link to specific web pages. Saves you time...

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COMING in 2024:

More Asian Antiques

American and European Antiques


Art Supplies






Musical Instruments

Saa Paper

Silver and Silverware

Stamps and Coins

Vintage Finds

Let us know if you would like to be informed of the launch of the sale any of the above categories. In turn, we'll aim to do them in order of popularity.

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